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Step by step guide for setting up a F&B Retail outlet in Dubai : Restaurants, Cafes etc.

If you plan to start a business in a country with a high success ratio, look no further than UAE, primarily in Dubai due to the ease of doing business. As a notable exchanging centre point of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) locale, Dubai brags an abundance of benefits for organizations and organizations hoping to succeed, flourish, and interface with the remainder of the world. Advantage of starting your F&B business is much easier and hassle free and quick turnaround time than most other places in the region. This article will help you understand the step-by-step process of setting up a company in Dubai.

Reserve Trade Name

The first thing to do is name your business. It’s not as easy as it seems. The company name you choose should follow the UAE’s strict company naming policy. Which includes:

  • No use of offensive language to any religion or person.

  • The name should not represent any political party or religion.

  • Initials and abbreviations cannot be used in the company name unless its brand registered.

  • If the business is named after a person, he should be a partner or owner of the company.

If you find a hard time getting approval for your company’s name, try to consult an expert like WELL DESIGN for help.

Hire Qualified Design Agency

When starting a business, you need something to represent your company’s name on other platforms. A qualified design agency will help you set up a unique identity for your brand. If you already have designed a logo for your company, you can get advice or professional touch with WELL DESIGN. Now that your logo is ready, skip to interior design.

Identity the Retail Location (Best Location Preferably)

To run a successful business, you’ll have to find the best location for your company. The commercial market growth is increasing rapidly, and so does the choices for finding a retail space. To find the best location, you should get advice from a professional advisor.

Sign the Lease Agreement, Tenancy Contract

Once you have selected a site, make sure to sign the lease agreement to ensure your tenancy as soon as possible so that you don’t lose your space to someone else. Also, you have a location address to put on your trade license application.

Apply For Trade License

You’ll have to apply for beginning endorsement to guarantee that the Dubai DED has no issues with you beginning a business, so you can get everything rolling in the following stages for your permit. You can apply for this on the web, face to face, or through an outsider (like through a law office). The reports you’ll have to give will rely upon your business nature. However, by and large, they are:

  • Business enlistment and permitting structure

  • Copy of your visa or ID

  • Copy of your home license/visa

  • The organization’s articles of affiliation

  • Possibility investigation of the task

If you want assistance applying, if it’s not too much trouble, reach one of our specialists who can direct you through the cycle to guarantee you’ve accurately recorded and arranged archives.

Interior Design Concept

Once all of the above procedures are done, it’s time that you hire an interior designer or a team depending upon your budget, to get your business space look ready. This process may take 15 to 21 days the completion. Work pro-actively and get an interior designer during tenancy approval if you want to hurry things up, Check out stunning designs by Team Well Design.

Concept Drawing Submission and Approval by Building Management or Mall

Once you have your concept ready for the franchise design, please submit it to the building management, mall, or any relative authority that might have concerns with the design for approval. Depending on the management working rate, this may take you 3 to 5 days.

Shop Drawings Civil and MEP Submission and Approval – Building Management

The next step is the shop and MEP drawings that show the detailed fabrication to be done in the space. This will include all the materials, dimensions, and explanation of assembly and installation of equipment. Get your drawings ready and submit them to building management for approval. This may take 5 to 7 days to ensure your requirements obey building rules.

Fit Out NOC, Appointment Letter from Building Management

When your design gets approved by the building management, they will provide you with a fit-out—no-objection certificate within two days, after which you can start your construction work.

Proceed Production of Joinery, Signage, Kitchen Equipment, POS Systems – 30 days

Once you have all approvals and inspections, it’s time to plan your interior setup as per your design. This should take around 30 days or more depending upon your worker’s speed, from joinery to signage, kitchen equipment, and POS system.

Health Initial Inspection

An early health inspection that the workspace is safe for people to work in. If you are opening a restaurant, the health inspection team will ensure no space left for contamination and that the HACCP plan is being applied properly. It might take 5 to 7 days for a complete inspection.

DM Permit

A DM permit is the approval of service from the Dubai municipality to work legally on space for existing and new buildings. This may take 3 days for approval.

Site Mobilization

Once you’ve gotten the DM permits, it’s time for site mobilization. Bring in your contractors, and start the setup work, Get best rates from WELL DESIGN contractors.

Fit-Out Work

Start the fit-out work as soon as possible for quick completion. Depending on the size of your project and your worker’s speed, the whole fit-out process may take you 40 to 60 days or more to complete.

In Parallel, Apply DCD, DEWA, and LPG Approvals

While the fit-out work is in the process, ensure government approvals for all the necessities, including Dubai civil defence, Fire, LPG, and Electricity.

CCTV, IT Networking Installation

For enhanced security of your business and smart working, install CCTV cameras and IT networking, including WIFI and communication set up.

Steps Involved In After Work Completion

When your fit-out is done for your business, and all the construction work is done, before starting the company, there remain some important factors that are;

DCD Inspection

A DCD inspection will ensure that your fit-out design, installation, fire alarms, and defense facilities are approved, along with the certificates to ensure there aren’t any risks of mishaps. This will take 4 to 5 days.

DEWA Inspection – 4 days

As a component of the Government of Dubai, DEWA’s center goals are: To layout, make due, work, and keep up with power age and water desalination plants and power and water transmission and dissemination networks in Dubai.

Health Final Inspection

Remember that you got an early health inspection of your business space. Now it’s time for you to get one after completing the working space to ensure a safe working space. This will take 5 to 7 days for a complete inspection.

DM Completion Certificate

Another 2 days are required for you to get the Project Completion Certificate, an authoritative record given after the construction that the development of the task or property has been finished according to the supported structure plan. Furthermore, the venture meets every one of the guidelines and bye regulations set by the Dubai Municipality.

Building Management Completion Certificate

Like the DM completion certificate, you have to get one from the building’s management. Remember, all this is done to ensure legal services are being provided. And you have all the certificates secure at the time of need.

In between considering building management inspections, these all ensure smooth service and better workflow.

Waterproof Flood Tests

Ensure that the water doesn’t flood up while being used in the building.

Drainage Gravity test

This will ensure that the drainage system is working properly and won’t flood over. All this saves you from future maintenance services.

Water Pressure Test

Pressure tests are performed to guarantee systems’ well-being, dependability, and hole snugness where the pressure may be applied.

Chilled Water Pressure Test

Just like the normal water pressure test, a chilled water pipeline is tested for a strain to ensure no leakage or fault in the pressure system.

Firefighting Pressure Test

The firefighting pressure test is done to ensure adequate pressure in the firefighting lineup in case of emergency.

Ceiling Closure& Site Inspection

Ceiling closure is done. Invite the officials for technical site inspection, making sure that outlet is safe to work under it.

  • Lighting & Sound system

Installation of Lighting and sound system. Did you know most restaurants fail due to poor lighting. Lighting plays a big role in creating warm experiences for your clients. it is a critical factor in scaling your business, Contact Well Design to know more on what lighting suits your business.

  • Testing and commissioning of Kitchen Equipments.

Run your machines, do your food trial runs and let your team work in tandem bedore they serve customers.

  • Furniture, Cash desk & POS.

Assembly of furniture, accessories, cash desks, Retail PoS machines. Perhaps the time to check on all those snag list to ensure all the minute details of your store is done well. With some touch of graphics, green plants and little bit of creative accessories to bright up the store, trust us for a seamless delivery of your project.

Final Inspection.

Invite Government officials, Mall management for the final site inspection to ensure the outlet follows all Safety and health hazards. Abiding by the Government norms and standards. Once approved. You are ready to do business.

Wrapping Up!

So, here is the step-by-step guide for starting up a company in Dubai. I hope this helps you create an ultimate F&B outlet in Dubai, fulfilling all the government regulations.

The Most Important Thing Safety Measures

The most important thing is the safety protocols. Nothing matters more than a safe place. So, while creating the interior space, make sure that no design risks some injury or someone’s life. All safety regulations should be followed according to the state’s local law.

The basic and major ones have an easily accessible emergency exit in the space. The second one is to have fire extinguishers on hand. Now it’s up to your interior design consultant how to incorporate those without ruining the aesthetics of your space.

In The End

So, these were the 6-golden rules of creating a thriving commercial space in 2022. I hope this article helps you with the kick start of your successful business. Make sure to share your thoughts about a flourishing retail space with us.

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